About Conference


Katowice 8-12.08.2018

By 2018, twenty-six years will have passed since the conclusion of the United Nations Convention on Climate Change. This year the twenty-fourth consecutive global climate summit COP24, organised by the United Nations will be held in Katowice, Poland in December 2018.

In order to fully prepare for the participation of various Polish communities in this summit, the idea of carrying out a number of projects was born. Initiated by The Group of Common Social Initiatives “MINING OK” operating from AGH University of Science & Technology in Cracow, the project will be carried out under the title, “Polish Way to Clean Environment”.

One of its milestones is the Social Pre-COP24 Conference organised by Trade Unions’ Centres and SITG. Its aim is to discuss the previous twenty-six years’ experience of acting in the interest of climate change by global organisations. It will also discuss current statements made by global, European and national Trade Union organisations on these matters.

Some of the invited guests at the Social Pre_COP24 Conference include:

  • Representatives from the offices of The President of the Republic of Poland, the Prime Minister and of the Ministers responsible for clean Environment;
  • Scientists and specialists in the field of environmental protection;
  • Representatives of both Polish and worldwide Trade Union Centres;
  • Polish and foreign employers.

The Conference will take place in the International Conference Centre in Katowice.

As well as the Social PRE_COP24 Conference, this project includes training workshops and accompanying events that will take place from June to December 2018. The intention of the organisers is that this Conference will become a forum for discussion for the social side and the entrepreneurs on the best course of action for Polish industry to take in the context of the stricter world policy on human impact on climate and environment.